domingo, 15 de junho de 2008

teto estrelado

existem cinco mil estrelas no meu quarto...

toc toc...talvez seja um demônio a bater em minha janela.

- lamento não posso abrir.
todos os vaga-lumes vão fugir.
- entre pelas frestas,
sei que você não presta.

existem cinco mil pintas pelo meu corpo,
talvez, um corpo nas cinco mil pintas,
ou pintaram meu corpo e não me avisaram?
Foram vocês ó vaga-lumes que me lograram?

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Derelicte disse...

who is chris langstron? seems interesting.
quien es crhis lagnstron? parece interesante.
qui és crhis langstron? sembla interessant.

mais lo siento, no falo o portugués

un blog moito curioso

"-algo varios sentidos"como:... disse...

estrelas que não refletem no escuro, não refletem!!

valumes por pintas, Pintas por vagalumes Texto muito loco!!!
5 mil saum muitas...

toc... toc......


ehehe 8

Derelicte disse...

so the picture of chris.. i thought that would be from some scandinavian painter, by the name :S im impressed and i like it too.

in language sometimes theres one thing called "false friends", words that seems to say the same in one language and another, but they really dont say the same in both. maybe happens that with the term "curious", as i said as a good thing.
sorry if has been offensive!
im trying also to learn about technics. im just a student right now.
but the content of my blog is in catalan, so maybe is not easy to understand what is wrote on it.

Derelicte disse...

so the painter is from canada?

Derelicte disse...

oh, and yes, i forgot. draws are mine. just some exercices of drawing of the movement. not the best, because i didnt have them in the moment to just scan something.
ive got too wrong things on them too.. instead they have been made in less than a minute and in base of something that moved just after watching. i tell all of this beside the draws, but in catalan :O

they are too bad for not be mine XD :) (i mean, if i put something taken from somewhere.. i would not have choosed those)
i admit that i dont put too much interest on my blog. and im not used to have visitors neither. if i would think why im doing it, i think that maybe i would not do it :P so i just put something there and dont ask myself :D